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Paul Schutte

Screenplays, Stage Plays, Radio Plays, Short Stories, & Novels

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My Writing Journey


I've been a 'serious' writer since 2008, when my first stage play, Our Little Buttercup, was performed before a paying audience. It was then that I heard an audience laugh out loud at my words - in a good way, mind you! It's one thing for people to tell you that you are a good writer. But it's another thing to see and hear and audience respond. I was hooked.

Since then I have written several screenplays and stage plays. And when I can, I make them laugh.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, a Master's degree in computer science, and a masters degree in experimental psychology. I worked for NASA for 35 years.

At 65, I have an abundance of story material and a vivid imagination. I have hundreds of story ideas. 

Time to write.

In The Press


Pirates Albany OR_edited.jpg

The Pirates of Chemo
Feature Length Screenplay
Dramatic Comedy

Chicago Screenplay Awards 2023 
Final Draft Big Break 2023

Filmmatic Comedy Awards 2023 

GWPoster attempt.png

The George Washingtons
Feature Length Screenplay
Romantic Comedy

Final Draft Big Break 2023

Global Economy Poster.png
News and Events

Oney Judge
Educational A/V Script


Our Little Buttercup
Stage Play Script


Boys State
Feature Length Screenplay
Dramatic Comedy

The Global Economy
Educational A/V Script
Emmy Award 2014  
Outstanding Informational/Instructional Segment/Series

PofC cast Mass.jpg

The Pirates of Chemo
Stage Play Script

Pete Gray_edited.jpg

Phantom Pain
Radio Play

Firefly sad robot in therapy with serious human psychiatrist 33369.jpg

Reset (in progress)
Feature Length Screenplay
Sci-Fi Thriller

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